ADES Association of Directors of
Education in Scotland

President ADES


To all Members


At this time, I know that you will all have concerns about your own health and that of your families and friends. When we add the pressure and demands of leading and supporting others then this is multiplied further and can seem overwhelming at times. We’ve probably all had at least one melt down over the last couple of weeks!


We are very lucky in Scotland to have so many great people working across our Local Authorities and beyond to do all they can to contribute to efforts in this national emergency.


In ADES we are doing all we can to provide as much information through the ADES website or direct communication when appropriate. We are in daily contact with Scottish Government, COSLA, SOLACE, ES to ensure decisions are informed by our knowledge and expertise. However, we know that although the scientists, health professionals and ourselves are being asked for views, the decision makers make the final decisions. Everyone is fully aware of the challenges being faced and the amount of good work that you are all doing every day.


There is much to do right now and in dealing with the implications for the future. Please get in touch if you want to share areas of concern and we’ll see how ADES can respond.


Please take care, stay safe and if you can, try to fit in some fun.

Carrie Lindsay