ADES Association of Directors of
Education in Scotland

Spring 2020



Welcome to this update at what is a very challenging time for everyone. No one could have predicted the scale of the coronavirus or indeed the impact on society. The impact on educational provision and delivery takes us all into unchartered territory with entire sets of unanswered questions. Please be reassured that ADES officials and members are working closely with Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA, SQA and other key stakeholders to minimise disruption. A more detailed update is being issued to all members on 30 March 2020 but ongoing discussions in recent weeks have included the following issues:

SQA processes and procedures

Support for the children of key workers

Operational issues relating to hubs (staffing; holiday cover etc.)

ASN concerns and the needs of vulnerable pupils

Statutory duties such as placing request legislation

Issues relation to the transition process

Members should check the ADES website for full information and updates as we move forward. The website is being updated on an almost daily basis with advice and examples from a range of authorities.A daily update is being shared with Directors of Education and Chief Education Officers. In the meantime a huge thank you to all members as you carry out your roles and duties throughout this unprecedented period of time.



Michael Wood
Michael Wood is the General Secretary of ADES. He took up post in May 2017 and actively supports all aspects of our work. During his career he has worked successfully at every level within the education system, from school to international level. His previous roles include: HT, HMIe, DofE and Executive Director of Children and Families Service (both Dundee). Michael has worked closely on varied projects with the University of Dundee, ADES and the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA, SCEL and the Robert Owen Institute for Research. In 2017 he set up an Educational Consultancy and was also appointed the post of Honorary Professor by the University of Dundee.