ADES Association of Directors of
Education in Scotland

Annual Conference 2018


The Annual Conference provided a platform for colleagues across the country to share examples of the many activities taking place to  improve the system at all levels. 2018 has been a particularly challenging year and a number of significant steps have been takern to ensure that ADES members are well represented at national level. The first three cohorts have taken part in the Systems Leadership programme and over 90 participants from ADES, Education Scotland, Scottish Government and schools have been involved. There is ongoing discussion with Social Work Scotland to develop and run a series of seminars covering key areas within the GIRFEC agenda from April 2019. In addition, a series of online case study exemplars will be developed in partnership with ADES and Education Scotland for publication from April 2019.

The annual AGM was well attended and the following actions were agreed:

  • The structure of the Executive Committee will be changed to ensure that there is representation from all Regional Improvement Collaboratives. This will have immediate effect and the composition of the committee will be reviewed each November. Any RIC which is not represented will be invited to nominate an ADES member to sit on the Executive Committee.
  • There will be a comprehensive review of the ADES constitution given the level of change within the system and the emerging range of different leadership roles. This will take place throughout 2019 and a report will be presented to the next AGM to set out relevant proposals for change. 
  • An audit will take place to ensure that we have an up to date list of ADES involvement in national committees and groups. The number of requests for ADES representation has increased considerably in recent times with some requests being made to individual members rather than following the agreed process. 
Michael Wood
Michael Wood is the General Secretary of ADES. He took up post in May 2017 and actively supports all aspects of our work. During his career he has worked successfully at every level within the education system, from school to international level. His previous roles include: HT, HMIe, DofE and Executive Director of Children and Families Service (both Dundee). Michael has worked closely on varied projects with the University of Dundee, ADES and the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA, SCEL and the Robert Owen Institute for Research. In 2017 he set up an Educational Consultancy and was also appointed the post of Honorary Professor by the University of Dundee.